Three Smart Tips during Good Nutrition Month _

Three Smart Tips during Good Nutrition Month

November is Good Nutrition Month, which is a reminder to make healthy choices when you eat. This is especially important since this is the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving—where sweets and treats are abundant. Here are three smart tips to keep your diet on track during the holiday season:

Prepare for temptation ahead of time

Whether you’re attending a party with family and friends or going to your local grocery store, tempting desserts will be on full display. To make wise food choices, stock your home with fresh fruits and veggies, research healthy alternatives to traditional desserts and eat a small snack before attending parties to curb your appetite.

Keep yourself hydrated

Along with dessert, sugary drinks and ciders are popular this time of year. Don’t forget to drink 64 – 128 ounces of water daily. Sweet drink alternatives include, fruit infused water, unsweetened herbal tea and fresh fruit juices. Try to limit your alcohol intake to avoid additional calories.

Don’t skip your workout routine

It’s easy to skip the gym when you’re planning your holiday parties or attending holiday events. Make a commitment to continue your yearly health and wellness goals. If you need extra motivation, a group exercise class or personal training session will help to keep you on track. In addition, endorphins released during exercise can help you relax and feel great during the stressful holiday season.

For additional tips to help you maintain your health and wellness goals, visit the Member Services desk and speak with a fitness specialist. We’re happy to help you look and feel your best this holiday season.